Chromapark '95

Chromapark ist seit 13. 4. wie letztes Jahr das Thema der Techno-Szene im Internet. Chromapark ist zu erreichen unter Hier ein Text, den mir die Chromapark'ler schickten:

in search of a world model - chromapark berlin 95

chromapark 95 represents an arcology, an alternative life form, inspired by the imaginings of the participant artists. the location, filled with accessible, effective and inter-passive installations, transmits its own original statements and creates the perfect atmosphere for the visitor's individual futuristic fantasies.

the diverse dimensions of the club are used to the max: a labyrinth of intertwining corridors, open spaces and closed chillout rooms, mirrored halls, peep-holed spaces, light rooms, free space, data space, empty space, filled space....

every space in this club landscape is functional and are waiting to be filled and brought to life by you. the club landscape prototypes make up the ultimate melt station for the celebration of art-vision. a park, pulsating and in motion, with a view into and beyond reality.

it's that time again: techno-easter is on second round. on 13 april e-werk is opening its doors to both hangars for ten ecstatic days and nights: the chromacrew welcome you to its exhibitions and parties!

chromapark 95 is introducing an original new cultural experience. hi-tech, art, parties and people coming together in an attempt to unite environment, technology and awareness. the main experience is the global netting of people and computer, pure and direct on-site, as well as the global online in the net. synergies of design, fashion, art, entertainment, research and text building bridges to the archaic and the mystic.

most of all chromapark wants to maximize the melt of music and visuals: two spaces - one mind! eight chromaparties presenting some of germany's most successful club concepts, supported by the talents of the most diverse visual artists. highlights include the long-awaited frankfurt night featuring frosch and alex azary from ex-xs, guest appearances by warp records, england, the collected e-werk-twirl all star posse featuring westbam and...of course...what we've all been waiting for...a guest performance by interface, made famous and infamous at last year's love parade.....

a permanent feature of chromapark 95 is the chroma-dj team '12/18', supplying chillsounds day and night to the specially designed relaxorama chillspace. relaxorama is chromapark's living room: chill out - space out! for the clubbers who want to lounge into easter in an atmosphere of perfect creative ambience.

exhibition transforming into party, the night to day, installations to stages, netsurfs to friendships, contacts to connections, art to experience and parties to the ultimate in enjoyment.

This year, chromapark not only wants to present, but is offering more oppurtunities for your input! we want your action! you can be part of chromapark live by entering your artistic products, photos, flyers, texts, sketches and videos into our on-site digital internet exhibition.

the chromanet

a major highlight of this year's chromapark exhibition is its presence on internet.

the reality of the exhibition will be documented and extended in the databanks, making the event accessible world-wide. pictures, texts, graphics, videos and the sounds of the chromapark artists will roam through the chromanet and can be called up on site on a large scale terminal installation.

in chat sessions, chromapark is tuned into a global window; interactive sound experiments and communication concepts can arise in collaboration with external databases. new artistic entries can be made, live, in the form of pictures and text on the on-site graphic station.

electricity is the means to unite chromanet, artistic input, the on-site exhibition and the chromaparties. the concrete reality of space and encounter meets the virtual reality of dataspace.

Patrick Gruban, 95/04/14